The National Human Genome Research Institute model organism ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements

The modENCODE Project will try to identify all of the sequence-based functional elements in the Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila melanogaster genomes.

Data Coordination Centre

The modENCODE Data Coordintation Centre (DCC) collects and vets the raw and interpreted data of the project, and release it to the community.

Please refer to the Database (2011) article The modENCODE Data Coordination Center: lessons in harvesting comprehensive experimental details for more information about collection and vetting of the data.

modENCODE data is released to the community via a series of four tools which take advantage of the extensive experimental metadata collected.

Each tool is aimed for different tasks and end-users, as well as the nature and volume of modENCODE datasets.

  • modMIne: The modMine interface provides researchers with the ability to perform sophisticated ad hoc queries on the modENCODE data and metadata.
  • GBrowse: genome browser based on the Generic Genome Browser that provides researchers with a convenient way to browse modENCODE data organized as a series of graphical tracks spanning the worm and fly genomes, alongside core datasets from WormBase and FlyBase
  • modENCODE Datasets Search: it is a faceted submission filtering tool that allows to get easily to the desired dataset.
  • A specialised Wiki, with information on protocols, reagents and procedures, accessible through modMine.